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Big Cat Policy

FCF Big Cat Policy


The Feline Conservation Federation (FCF) supports responsible ownership of all 38 currently recognized species of non-domestic feline, in keeping with sound animal husbandry practices and Federal, state and local government regulations.


Successful management of these wild animals and its inherent risk to the public, owners, handlers and cats, necessitates strong motivation and plentiful resources, both financial and emotional. These requirements increase proportionately to the size of the cat.


Accordingly, the FCF neither recommends nor encourages inexperienced individuals' acquisition of species that can achieve or exceed an adult weight of 100 lbs. Felines in this category include cougars, lions, tigers, jaguars, all species of leopard, and resultant offspring from inter-breeding between any of these species (hybrids).


The FCF further encourages all breeders and sellers of such felidae to assure themselves, prior to transfer of ownership, that a potential owner has the experience, training and facilities needed to provide proper housing and care in legal, stable and secure circumstances.


Only informed individuals should undertake non-domestic feline husbandry and they must accept of the responsibility for the potential consequences. Further, the dedication and discipline needed to acquire as much pertinent information as possible before acquiring a big cat is even more imperative.


The FCF is aware that some inexperienced owners are currently in possession of cats that are (or will be) 100 lbs. and urges anyone in this position to take advantage of the assistance, advice and moral encouragement the FCF can provide.  


African Lion